Friday, June 19

Race Cars

I meant to have these pics up Wednesday, but I was distracted by My Sims Kingdom (Wii)

Over the weekend J had the cars out.

Paige was a bit of a maniac

Cadence is praying that she makes it out alive

And Cady...
Not even sure where to start with Cady...
The girl can NOT drive, to say it mildly.
She got stuck in the grass (not her fault)
She's trying to throw it in reverse so she won't hit Megan (who was driving Paige's jeep at the time).
And here she is ramming into the Jeep, and nearly knocking Zoey out of the way. Look at her face as she braces herself for the impact
The ugly yellow color won't be around for long. I'm curious (and a bit scared) of what J will do with it.


  1. Looks like fun. Wish they had these when I was a kid. Do you think they will be better drivers because of them?