Monday, June 22

Top of the List

J and I have found ourselves in the market for a new pediatrician. After Paige had RSV, we decided that her current pedi didn't handle the situation very well, so we started taking her to a new facility a bit further away from home. They were fantastic. Dr. R was awesome. When Cadence came along, we started seeing Dr. N (at the same practice). Cady had a rough start and Dr. N didn't handle things as well as I'd hoped, but Dr. R more than made up for it. They didn't handle the business side of things as well as some doctors, but again, Dr. R was awesome.

Dr. R retired last year and we thought about leaving after he did. There was some positive buzz about the new doctor and though we'd stick it out and give her a shot. She's young but smart, so we decided to give her a shot.

Each time we take the girls in, we either owe money, or are owed money. They have two billing software systems that they use and they can't seem to get things straight. It make me nervous. For now, they've been placed on the top of our 'unorganized companies' list.

We're looking for organized, awesome pediatricians :)

If you have any recommendations, let me know.

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