Monday, June 8

Where's Waldo?

I've been completely consumed by the first two Twilight books. I've done practically nothing in my free time from Thursday through Sunday. It was really unbelievable. I'd hate to use the word pathetic, but now that I look back on it :)

Friday when we picked Cadence up from daycare she had a fever. Ms Alicia said they sent Taylor (C's friend and classmate) home earlier because she kept getting sick. Cady gets clingy when she's sick, so she spent most of the night on my lap helping me read the end of Twilight and the beginning of New Moon. Motrin took care of her fever for a while, but as anticipated she got sick several times (all over both of us). After a total of four outfit changes, and lots of water, I put her to bed and continued reading.

Saturday Cady was feeling better so J & I took the girls to see Up. It was C's first movie. She had a hard time sitting through most of it. Paige did great (thanks in large part to her meds).

The tadpoles are all now full grown and outside living near the lake. We told Cady that once they were gone we could move the tank to her room and she could pick out some fish. So after the movie Saturday we took her to the pet shop. She picked out five blue and pink neons, five black and white neons, and five guppies.

Sunday the girls were stir crazy so I finished New Moon and took them to my parents' house. Still stir crazy, so we went to the store. Bad idea - they were insane. Luckily there was thunder and it scared them enough to settle down. Mean of me to think so, but it worked. We headed home and I edited the pics I took at Kevin's graduation party. I let that sit on the back burner for a week. Normally I can't wait to get my hands on the shots I take. That's how sucked into these books I've been.

Now that I'm a few weeks into my classes I need to focus more on those. The Law class should be interesting, but I'm still intimidated by Finance. Not looking forward to class this week.


  1. I sound like a crazed Twlight fan but the books were awesome. I read quite a bit and was shocked on how I was instantly glued to each of them. I was seriously sad when I was nearing the end of the final book. Hope you like them!!

  2. you are so cute when you geek out!