Tuesday, June 2


I was sitting at my desk, minding my merry business when all of a sudden it begins to rain.

It was more of a torrential down pore. It's been a relatively quiet day, so all of us gather near the window to watch the poor souls who get stuck outside in the rain without an umbrella.

Not long after, I hear what sounds like a tornado siren. Couldn't be though - so we carry on watching the poor patron.

After a minute or so of watching people and losing interest, we disband and I head back to my desk (which happens to be surrounded by windows).

I notice the rain seems to be spiraling as it slams against my window. I think back to the suspected siren I heard a minute ago and decide it's in my best interest to hide under my desk. This terrifies me though, because there are killer spiders under my desk. I smoosh several of them a day. My desk is clean - very clean - I scrub it quite often. So why the spiders?

Anyway, as my team observes the storm, I wait, sitting Indian Style (excuse me, cross-cross-applesauce) under my desk, hidden behind my laptop bag (since there are windows everywhere and should the windows break, I'd be a dead woman).

I hear them commenting about how scary it looks. I recommend getting under their desks. No reply. I heard Debbie say "Oh my God - look at it coming over the conference center!" Again, said it might be a good idea not to stand right by the window.

After it quieted down, I came out from hiding. We looked out the window some more and noticed that half of the Renaissance building was gone.

Ok, I'm embellishing, but there was a lot of damage to the building. Here's a shot I snapped with my phone.


  1. you took that with your phone? even your phone takes nice pictures - not fair.