Wednesday, July 8

Another Tuesday

Last night was torture. I don't like finance. I don't like sitting in a cold room for four and a half hours right after sitting in a (cold) office for 8 and a half hours. The past seven weeks have been the longest of my life. Which, incidentally means that I only have three more weeks of finance left! One more final...and two more four and a half hour lectures.

At the beak last night Elicia was talking about taking three classes this term. She works full time, so how she has time for three classes is beyond me - she's amazing. Anyway, Clark just smiled and said 'good for you Elicia.' I had to smile. I am not the type of person who could tell someone 'good for you.' I could think it - absolutely. But if I said it I'd get a dirty look. It'd sound snarky.

I also found out that there's something seriously wrong with my professor & I don't know that it can be resolved. He doesn't like Nike. At all. I didn't know what to say.

At about 9:00 Dr. B started sounding a lot like Charlie Brown's teacher. He lost me. I started checking my calendar and remembered that my Mom is having her knee replaced on August 4th. My knee started hurting (sympathy pain).

I started thinking of ideas for the B&W prints I'm supposed to take for Justin. I still have no idea what to take.

I spent some time on Facebook. The bad thing about FB is that you can potentially learn some things you'd rather not know about someone. But, being as nosey as I am, it gives me the perfect opportunity to stalk everyone.

After FB, I tried to check out some of the other blogs I frequent. Some of you may have gotten short mindless comments from me. It's hard to take notes on mind-numbing financial matters and type on a blackberry at the same time. I may come back and leave real comments later today.

Tonight I'm abandoning the girls again to go to a meeting at the church for Rachel's wedding. If I'm lucky I'll be home before J puts them to bed. The good thing about being away so much is that I get a huge smile in the morning when I wake them up, as opposed to them pulling the covers back over their heads and ignoring me.

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