Wednesday, July 22

Burnt Out (again)

Tonight I will be looking over the shots I took last weekend on our nature hike! I can't wait...almost brought my laptop to work so I could edit them.

Monday was torture (I sence a theme here). We spent the first two hours talking about the history of labor law (starting in the 1700s). Then it was time for a break - at which point Professor G noted that we had only covered the SOCIAL history of labor law, and we'd tackle the LEGAL history of labor law next. That was disheartening - I had already had as much history as I could take. Have I mentioned that we're sitting in the tiny desks with the arm rest/desktop? Very uncomfortable.

So, not unreasonably, as I'm sure you'll agree, my mind wandered. I found myself wondering if Bec's eyebrow has started growing back, if Monica was still tied to the TV watching the Golden Girls, and whether my Mom was having any luck chair shopping. I wondered which part of the case/test I'd be writing. If I knew that, I could use my time more appropriately and get the paper started.

I ended up making a Christmas/Birthday list for everyone (what I'm buying, not what I want). Send me your wish list soon or you may get suck receiving a copy of my Employment and Labor Law book (or if you're really lucky, my Corporate Finance book).

Class finally ended, but I was sentenced to another night of class Tuesday. Dr. B handed back our fourth quiz. Interestingly enough it was graded not with the red pen I had grown so accustomed to, but with a aqua blue glitter pen. Glitter? Seriously? It was easier to digest all the check minus signs in aqua glitter compared to the harshness of the red pen :) With any luck, I can still get an A in Finance, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I have one week to get my stuff in order. Wish me luck.

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  1. I'm happy to report that my eyebrown IS growing back. Also, I went to my stylist and had my bangs properly trimmed to cleverly hide my butchered brow (instead of the botched job I tried to do in an effort to hide said brow). And then of course there is the eyebrow pencil that has saved me from countless waxing mishaps. All this because my mom married a wookie.

    I have been watching the Golden Girls marathons every night too! I forgot how funny they are. Last night Sophia called Blanche a slut puppy and I about peed my pants.