Friday, July 3

Knitty Gritty

Is that the right saying?
I finished a hat and diaper cover set for the girls' dolls. Please don't make sun of the doll's boobs.

and a hat and leg warmer set. Chris made fun of me to no end for the leg warmers. He suggested matching sweatbands. Chris is stupid.

And an ugly green hat (to match the ugly green diaper cover I made a few weeks ago that has since gone missing).

And, quite possibly my favorite so far, the hats I made for Adrienne's birthday this weekend...

This one was fun to make, and feels awesome, but it makes me think if Hellraiser with all the spikes. It's suede yarn (which I LOVE) and some eyelash yarn.


  1. how is "suede yarn" possible? suede is made from leather.

    what's up with that dolls boobs?

  2. Maybe it's like calling pleather pants leather?

    Seriously though, the yarn rocks...