Tuesday, August 25

Another knee update

The good news:
My Mom had her first PT appointment since the second surgery and she's been unofficially promoted from the walker to a cane. She was able to bend it (with a bit of force) to 116 degrees, up from 104 degrees last time. She has exceeded the goal and the PT has said, pending approval from her doctor, she can start using a cane. She sees the doctor on Wednesday (I think). We'll have to find her a stylish cane :)

The good/bad news:
I don't think I mentioned it, but my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Joe went to visit my Mom while she was in the hospital. On their way home they were in an accident and both were taken (back) to the hospital. They were discharged later that night. My Mom talked to Cheryl yesterday and she's doing much better! Joe has a few broken ribs and has to sleep in a recliner. I hadn't realized it was that bad - I personally think he's luck not to have punctured his lung. But, they're on the mend.

More bad news:
The real reason Cheryl was calling my Mom was to tell her that my Dad's Aunt Shirley had just been diagnosed with stage four cancer. They didn't know when or where it started. She was doing great on Tuesday, then Wednesday everything went downhill. She wanted to go home instead of spending her last few days in the hospital - so they sent her home with Morphine. She wouldn't eat or drink, and wouldn't get up and started getting blood clots. She passed away this morning. Other than the typical aches and pains she felt every day, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Not that they would have caught the cancer at an annual physical, but you should all be reminded that it IS important to see your doctor at least once a year. I know people who don't even HAVE a physician and haven't been in years.

A new round of classes start tonight - Negotiations on Tuesdays with Dr. Love, and Econ with Dr. The Bomb on Wednesdays.

Paige has an awesome birthday - hope to write about it and post pics soon.


  1. Great news on your Mom.

    I will pray for your family.
    Very sad news on Aunt Shirley, I am so sorry. God Bless.

  2. Good Morning Krista - so sorry about the bad news about Aung Shirley.

    Glad Mom is doing well!

  3. i'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

    (no, i don't have a dr. either)

    but yay! for your mom!