Wednesday, August 5


I finally touched base with my Mom. I called her room (her cell phone went straight to voicemail). Her roomate answered - she sounded young, and she sounded nice.

Mom: "hello."
Me: "Hi, it's Krista."
Mom: "Ok. I'm in physical therapy right now."
Me: "Ok, just wanted to say hi."
Mom:"Thanks dear." (I could hear the smile - she loves me.)

So I got no information, and didn't get to say much. She sounded congested, but happy. And she DID take the time to say hi, although I think I heard her in the background asking her roommate if she could ask me to call back ;)

Given that she was in the middle of physical therapy, and still sounded relatively happy, I think things are going pretty well.

She called me back.

Her physical therapy consists of her bending her leg and getting out of bed. It doesn't hurt, but she can't bend it on her own. I'm guessing her muscles, tendons and whatever else is there have to learn to work together with the new knee. Her left knee is crackly since she's relying more on it now. :(

She agrees with Monica & I that the nurses on her floor are cranky. Almost to the point that you want to slap them. I told her to throw something at them and blame it on the meds, but then decided they might take her off her meds (and we don't want that).

She sounds congested because of the tube they had in her throat during surgery (they breathed for her). Ouch. But it was the safest way and she's on pain meds so it doesn't bother her.

Hopefully her body will figure out how to work with the new knee and she'll be up and at 'em in no time.

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  1. ha! my mom blows me off too when i am dying to talk to her bc she is going through a tough time. i think my mom does it bc its her way of showing me that its no big deal - what with being of the stiff upper lip generation and all.

    glad your mom is doing better! she'll be up and running after her grandkids in no time!