Saturday, August 8

Drill Sgt Beverly

Monica says she's been barking orders since she got home yesterday. But honestly I can see why. Mom gets yelled at for getting up too much ;) so she has to ask everyone to do things for her. She's doing very very well. And she's willing and relatively able to do everything for herself - which is giving her, in my opinion, false confidence leading her to over do it.

Not much got done around the house because Monica and Dad worked all week, then spent most of their time in the evening at the hospital visiting Mom - so there was a lot to catch up on today.
She asked me to take pictures of her incision. I snapped a few with her camera.

Here she is checking it out.

Nosey Paige wanted to see (she loves photography by the way)

Here's her anti-clot socks. I don't know the real name for them. Compression socks maybe?

Her fever went away, but keeps coming back (low-grade) and she's controlling it fairly well with meds.

She's taking her pain meds dutifully, but gets up and walks more than she should. She's icing her knee like a champ and has been in a good mood. She does say her joints ache like they do when you have a high fever, so I'm not sure what that's all about. Arthritis, probably, but the pain meds aren't doing enough for her not to notice the pain. She's still able to do everything for herself in terms up getting up, walking (with her Granny walker) and using the bathroom.

She can't shower until she gets her staples out (boo) so she's going the sponge bath route. We haven't figured out how to wash her hair yet. I don't want her to stand up in front of the kitchen sink that long. She can't lift her knee high enough to climb into the bath tub/shower in her bathroom. She can climb into my Dad's shower, but there's not a detachable shower head in there. Monica suggested taking her outside and using the hose ;) I think our best bet may be bringing a shower chair into my Dad's shower and getting a detachable shower head. Sees easiest. Any ideas?

Mom will probably kill me, but here are some links to her incision (staples and all that good stuff).
the whole incision/staples. Note the fading "Yes" they wrote on her leg. I didn't realize they really did that.

the middle of her incision.

the bottom part of her incision.





  1. Looks like my first set of staples - on my back. If they only would have stayed like that.

    Uncle BG

  2. thank you for not posting the surgery pics. you are so conscientious.

    sounds like she is doing great and the pics you posted were really beautiful. how DO you do it, KP? what an unexpected time to make beautiful photos.

  3. I think next time I'll go to the nursing home.

  4. I think next time I'll go to the nursing home. I had to wait 20 minutes on the pot this morning for my underwear. Then I got an attitude. My temp. is making me kind of emotional. I'm still running about 100.2. Monica's here to help some now.

  5. Wow, looks like it hurts but from the sound of it she's doing really well other than wanting to do too much.
    Love the staple pictures, I too and one of those nosey people that likes to see all the gross stuff. Pretty cool to me.
    Too bad staples don't desolve...