Friday, August 28

Fun Friday

Every Friday in our particular school district, the Kindergartners have what is affectionately referred to as Fun Friday. I'm adapting the concept (at least for today). Since my usual methods of fun have been banned (Facebook, game sites, forums, etc.), I've spent the past few minutes on Digg.

Apparently there are quite a few people upset by Ikea changing their font. Who knew something seemingly as unnoticeable as a (subtle, I might add) font change would cause any type of reaction.

I'm a big fan of Google (their services offered as well as how they run their businesses). Evidently they didn't get so much as a slap on the wrist for the Google Books fiasco. I can't tell if I should snicker because of what they got away with, or be mad that a power-house can get away with so much.

There is a chemical in cut grass that makes people less stressed and helps them remember things. Along with the other grass allergy sufferers, I'm cringing. There are candles and perfumes out there that smell like grass. The smell itself makes my neurotic mind think I'm itchy, I get hives and my lungs tighten. Don't be so quick to judge either - lol - how many times have you watched someone put eye drops in their eyes and as a result your eyes got watery.

And my favorite for today...

The other stuff I dugg was pretty techy and you'd make fun of me for posting it.

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  1. i'm tempted to make fun of you anyway!

    i hadn't even noticed that IKEA changed their font. weird.

    that was a Fun Friday!