Thursday, August 6

Getting There

I called Mom this morning and she sounded more congested. She had her CPAP on. The smile immediately melted off my face - I had woken her up. She said she was just about to take a nap and promised I hadn't woken her, but I bet I did. :(

Her knee only hurts when they try to push it further than it wants to go. I asked her if she yelled at them and punched them in the face when they did that. She laughed and said no. The laugh tells me she wanted to. :)

She's progressing to walks down the hall, which she said is really just stepping right outside the door. At least it's a change of scenery.

I forgot to ask her if she's gotten to take a shower. I remember how divine my first shower after delivering Paige felt. It had been 40 hours (gross). I was in a lot of pain, but I felt so clean - I was a happy woman. Hopefully if she hasn't gotten a real shower she will soon.

She has a fever now. I think she does anyway, she was hard to understand through the mask. Her knee is swollen, but they said that's normal after this type of surgery. Hopefully the fever will break soon, and isn't a sign of infection.

She also said she's in need of a back rub. So any visitors, please be ready. :)

1 comment:

  1. mmm.... back rub.

    yes! i remember how great i felt after a shower after i had both boys. i even put on makeup and styled my hair. which i thought would be important since visitors would want to take so many pictures. but it turned out they only wanted to see the babies, not the mama. my first hard lesson in the selflessness of motherhood. of course, you were always compassionate towards me since you had been there, done that!

    what a tangent!

    i am glad your mom is progressing so well. hopefully that fever breaks soon! keep us updated.