Wednesday, August 12

Just when we thought...

I was just bragging abou thow well my Mom was doing with her surgery. It was unbelievable how well she's been handling everything.

She's been concerned with her fever since the day she got home (last Friday, I believe). No one seemed concerned - it was low grade and her incision looked really good. Just a hint of pink - normal. It wasn't warm to the touch.

She called Dr. Knee the other day to voice her concern. It's obviously been bothering her - she keeps asking everyone to feel her head and she takes her temp every hour or so (it seems). Dr. Knee, in my honest, opinion, blew her off, claimed it wasn't related to the surgery and advised her to call her Primary Care Physician. Those of you that know Dr. Primary probably consider him a quack - I do. He's not a very good doctor, has no personality, and he's been wrong about a lot of things. Anyway, as instructed, she called Dr. Primary. He agreed with my Mom, in that the fever was probably from teh surgery, but as long as the incision looked good she shouldn't worry. He said that if her fever for above 101 to call him immediately. It never did get that high - but it got close, and only went away for brief periods at a time.

Today she was excited to ge ther staples out. I was too - more pics of the wound :)

Her knee if infected. From what they could tell, the infection might be all the way through to the back of her knee. Other than the low-grade fever, there were no signs of infection. She's been sent directly to the hospital where they'll likely start antibiotics. Tomorrow they'll open the incision, drain it, and clean it up a bit.

She's worried about being sedated again. I told her to ask for an epidural instead :) She did ask if they could keep her awake and they said no. Her biggest concern is that she'll end up in the hospital for a month (or longer) like my dear Uncle George.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts. She's tough - I think she's more mad than anything, but she's handling that well too. I, on the other hand, am completely nausiated. My poor Mom.

I'm slated to be on vacation tomorrow and Friday to hang with her at her house - now I'll keep keeping her company at the hospital. The hospital, by the way, smells like old people

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  1. oh poo. like she needs this right now thankyouverymuch.