Thursday, August 13

PostOp Update

After a long restless night and a long fasting day, surgery #2 is finished. All is well.

They took her to PreOp around 1:30. By 3:00 she was headed to the OR.

I talked to Dr. Knee after surgery and everything is great. He didn't think it was infected (keep in mind this is the same guy that said it looked pretty infected yesterday). The internal stitches had opened up at the top of the initial surgical site. There was a clot of some sort under the area. It seeped through the loose/open stitches and pooled under the layer of skin held together by the staples. So when the staples came out, the drainage was from the affore-mentioned ooze.

After opening the incision, they cleaned it, removed the central piece of plastic, cleaned that and re-inserted it. The cultures showed no bacteria. :)

They had to hold-off on the antibiotics until after surgery - but I think she's on them now (for her mitral-valve prolapse).

Dad made it to the hospital at 4:00 and sent me home since it'd be an hour or so before she was out of recovery.

Her Blood Pressure was pretty low before surgery, and she was worried about being knocked out, but she did fine. Dr. Knee said he'd like her to stay through Sunday so she'll probably head home Monday.


  1. Great news! Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about your mom all day. BEV....WE MISS YOU!!! No one else can keep these darn students in line like you can. :)

  2. it looks infected - no, it looks fine. this is the machine that goes beep and it costs you $25,000.

    glad to hear she is well. ;-)

  3. Hope this is good!

    She needs to tell them she doesn't have time to lay around a hospital.

    She's got to buy tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  4. It's TSO ticket buying time again?! So true, she definitely doesn't have time to lay around then.