Saturday, August 22

Six years ago today

Six years ago today, I was nearing the end of a 35 hour labor.
The end result was well worth it. Happy sixth birthday Paige!

Our first family photo.

One day old...
Paige's first birthday...Her last birthday as an only child...

Three years old...

Four years old...
Five years old...

The first few pictures of my six year old haven't been edited...coming soon.


  1. awwww! i can't believe it! they grow up soooooooooo fast! i remember jason showing that first picture at work when it was new! i remember meeting you and p. for the first time before you went back to work when you and j brought her in. oh, the memories!

    love you!

    happy bday paige!

  2. Happy Birthday Paige!
    35 hrs of labor...wowzers!