Tuesday, August 4


J and I made it to the hospital around 3:45. She was STILL in recovery. We waited as long as we could (4:30) then headed to the center to pic the girls up. She was still in recover at that point and no one could/would tell us why. Jenny A's sister was working which made me smile. A familiar face is always nice.

While we were waiting we had a pleasant surprise. The sweetest lady from the front desk hiked her way up to the second floor waiting area with a broken foot (walking cast) carrying a surprise from my Mom's awesome work buddies!

This certainly brought a smile to her face (although I didn't get to see the smile it in person - yet). Thanks everyone - this was very very thoughtful.

She finally made her way out of recovery. Monica says she's doing great. She was conversing coherently, but would doze off in mid sentence. When she'd wake up she'd remember exactly where the conversation had left off. Smart woman she is. Even on drugs she's on top of things.

Dad said that they hope to have her stand/walk a bit tomorrow. He was also told that considering she had literally no cartilage in her knee, she will likely feel better tomorrow than she had before surgery. Hope that's the case.

Thanks again everyone. I'll update again tomorrow.

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  1. so relieved to hear your mom is doing well. keep up the updates. and your dad being technologically challenged? cracked me up. my dad is so bad about just answering his cell phone!