Tuesday, August 4

An Update to say "No Update"

My parents do a pretty good job keeping up with technology, all things considered). They're bright people that embrace new things willingly.

Last night they finally upgraded their phones and added text messaging to their plans. A choice that will be well worth it, in my honest opinion.

So, with this 'new' technology, one as obsessive as myself might expect that if I send a text message, I want an answer immediately. I asked for an update (via text) approximately 17 minutes ago. He hasn't responded yet. Maybe we should have practiced sending and receiving messages last night just so they both know how to work their new phones. They got the Envy 2, by the way - the model I had before I got my crackberry. I loved that phone. It's perfect for texting. So why hasn't he replied?! In all fairness, the procedure is supposed to take 2 1/2 hours, and there probably is no update or he would have called me. Hes not as chattery as I am anyway - and he probably thinks typing is women's work (typing is required for texting). I plan on calling him around 1:00 if I haven't heard anything. Although his phone is probably silenced (the REAL reason he's ignoring me). Pay attention to me!

Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers.

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