Wednesday, September 23


(note the sarcasm)

After class last night, I came home to find Jason dutifully perched in front of his computer. I wondered how long he had been there. He’d been home with the girls since 5 and it was then almost 11. The girls go to bed at 8. That left three hours of parenting duty for Jason wile I was gone.

What can go wrong, right?

No day spa this time, but Cadence did manage to find a red marker. Being the artist that she is, she decided the digital frame needed a little flair. She colored all over the front of it. Then decided my Rangefinders needed some color too…and the walls…and the coat closet door.



  1. Oh no...I guess I have this to look forward to.
    My niece once took sissors to her hair, she did a lovely job. Let's just hope that doesn't happen to your girls' hair.

  2. oh nooooooo! jason needs a time out.

  3. Jason was in a heavy battle in Onyxia lair with a 10man 80 group..........or I mean was busy watching the kids and a cartoon! ya thats it!

  4. Jason's lucky he has an understanding wife who feels guilty for being away from home so much.