Sunday, September 20


Paige has been strutting around the house cheering. She doesn't pay attention at practice, but somehow manages to retain some of the cheers.

Last Sunday she wasn't willing to cheer the whole game. She was annoyed and tired, but had fun at times.

Here's coach Rachel getting the girls ready to go.

By half time she was so over it.

Then she got back into it
Coach Rachel started acting like a goon and Paige couldn't decide if it was funny or not.

I don't remember what was on the ground, but whatever it was, she wasn't liking it.

Maybe next time she'll be more into it.


  1. Too the B & W determined shot. My other fav is where she is more interested in playing with her fingernails than the cheering.

  2. i love the shot of her looking at her nails! these are great! it still shocks me to see how grown up she is.