Saturday, September 26

City Museum

This week we had several employee appreciation activities. We had a lot of fun, and I heard a lot of remarks about other groups at the company don't get to do the types of things we do. Definitely makes me appreciate my job more.

Thursday we went to the City Museum. I hadn’t been there before. I think J and I will have to take the girls there sometime, but given their clumsiness I think they might get hurt. The place is a death trap.

There was a lot to look at.

The vault door was pretty cool. Jason wants this blown up and printed. It won't match anything in our house though.

This guy posed for me.
Another vault shot.
These covered a lot of the walls.Tree roots (?).An old piano
I want to make our basement ceiling look like this. When I told J, I got a blank stare. I guess that's a no.
Scary lion
Recycled beer coils from AB
I want one of these in my basement too, but have no use for it. Pretty though.


  1. Great shots! Really like the wall shot...I went there for a wedding and it was pretty neat. Thought it was a strange idea at first but after the wedding, there is nothing like seeing a groomsman get stuck in one of the slides because he was to fat. LOL.
    Also, I agree. It is a death trap. Have heard of some serious injuries in that place.

  2. I LOVE LOVE the City Museum... And it was so cool to see it through your eyes. Nice shots!

  3. so jealous!

    the one time i went to the city museum i had my dumb point and shoot camera.

    which lens did you use for most of these shots?

    as always, i feel that you are in the wrong profession. the bank surely cannot utilize all of your god given talent.