Monday, September 14

Paige takes good care of her

Jason picked toe girls up at 3. I got home at 5. He worked from home from 3-4. From 3-4 they were perfectly behaved with minimal supervision. But for some reason between 4 and 5, when Jason was finished with work (read: 100% transfixed on WoW) they decided to play Day Spa.

I walked in the door and Cady comes running down the stairs, jumps into my arms and yells "Mom's home!" It was great. I don't always get such a warm welcome.

I noticed something wasn't quite right with her toes and fingers. Paige did Cady's nails with an orange markers.

Paige had given Cady a green "Paige" tattoo on her arm, and a "PP" tattoo on her hand.

Her hair was wet (really wet), so I assumed she had a bath. I was impressed that Jason had gotten so much done, but frustrated that he'd have to give them another bath. Then reality struck. He hadn't given them a bath. Paige had used half a bottle of conditioning spray on Cady's head.

(Sigh) but they had a good time and the house didn't burn down.

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