Friday, September 4

Paige's birthday weekend

This is a leaf from the Morning Glories Paige planted a few months ago. Completely irrelevant in regard to her birthday, but I took the picture on her birthday :)

JP made a fruit salad for her party. Isn't he domestic? A perfect compliment to this undomestic goddess.
J bought roses for her.

The girls had fun on their Slip N Slide
Austin and Cadence spent a lot of time splashing around in the pool.
Then it was time for presents.
And cake.

Paige trying to be all cool and not smile - she couldn't resist though.
Cadence was being a ham.
I tried so hard to make a nice little cherry blossom cake...
Paige got to open her DSi (Finally!) on her birthday (the day before her party). She's so excited.
And she got her own personal cake on her birthday. She decided to share though.


  1. The cake looks AWESOME! Well done,it actually looks like one of the cakes on "ace of cakes" or "cake boss".
    Your girls are beautiful...

  2. WOW! that cake looks amazing! you rock!