Wednesday, September 16

School, and such

At 10:30 tonight, I will have survived the first four weeks of the Fall term. It feels like only two weeks - they're going pretty well. My first Econ exam is tonight, I'm nervous but optimistic. I've been spoiled by not driving the extra mile out of the way to drop my Mom's parking pass off for her since she's on leave. She's stir crazy at home and eager to visit with her work cohorts. She's asked me to drop the pass off tonight after class. I'm glad she's getting out and going for a visit.

She's doing pretty good - still feverish (I think) and achy, but healing. The incision site looks fantastic!

Paige's class went to the Apple Farm today. I missed it, but plan on calling her before class to find out how it went. I took the day off last year to go with them, and am regretting not doing the same this year :(

Six more weeks of class, a short break, then the countdown to graduation begins!

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  1. STILL feverish! your poor mom. tell her i said hi (i produce entourage).