Tuesday, September 1

She grew!

Cadence has been pretty consistent with her growth - she'd sway back and forth between the 3rd and 5th percentile. J and I took her to see her Endocrinologist (Dr. Endo) yesterday and she's bumping the TENTH percentile. It brought a big smile to my face. She'll be four years old eight weeks from today and her short little legs are finally ready for 3T jeans.

She decided to hide behind the Game Boy for the first few minutes then warmed right up. The new round of med students are on duty at Glennon so Cadence was a bit shy. I snapped a shot with my phone (I can never remember that there's a camera on these things). She's doing great. She didn't wince during the finger stick, and didn't give the phlebotomist so much as a dirty look. I think she might have been too tired. We get the labs back today. The dosage she's on now is a tad too low, the next dosage up is a tad too high. Both put her T4 in the normal range, but Dr. Endo wants it in the middle, so we might alternate dosages (which means getting a pill box so Mom & Dad can keep things straight).

After the appointment we sent JP back to work and headed to Grandma A's. Aunt Monica is getting over a fever so she was off work (and promised to keep her germs to herself). We all took Grandma A to her PT appointment (all is well there too, but she's still disappointed she has to use the walker). I don't think her knee bent as far as she would have liked it too, but it's still in the normal range. She needs to do more PT at home.

She watched Cadence for me when I went to see Shawna for my annual. Without getting into too much detail, I'm pretty sure she crushed my ovaries and my child bearing years are officially over.

Paige was jealous that she didn't get to go to Grandma A's house. She didn't get to see her last weekend, and won't get to see her this weekend. I suspect she will survive, but you wouldn't have thought that the way she was carrying on yesterday. :) Poor Paige.

I spoke too soon about how beautifully Cadence is doing - she is doing really well developmentally, but Sherry just called with her labs and her TSH is high. That's actually good news because now we're going to give her an increased dose...the same dose every day. If her labs hadn't hcanged we'd be alternating days. This is simpler for J & I ;)

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  1. at least you know her levels of thc are nonexistent.

    i joke. i just don't know what t4 and ths is!

    yay! for cadence doing well! and growing too!