Thursday, September 17

The Test and the Taser

I survived the Econ test last night. The lecture was a different story. Half of the class had been in Dr N’s stats class so were relatively familiar with regression. The other half, not so much. He went over it several times…exact same thing. It made those of us who were familiar with the subject cross-eyed in boredom. It made the others cross-eyed in confusion. It felt like an eternity. Being the perceptive man that he is, he dismissed us early.

This morning on the way to work, Woody & Riz were talking about an incident that resulted in a man being tasered. After a few seconds, JP started laughing. He does this sometimes and I’ve found that it’s usually best not to ask. He offered an explanation anyway:

One of his fellow losers guild-mates announced that he’d be right back…he had to go taser his Uncle. After a long pause and a lot of speculation, said losers guild-mate explained. Apparently his Uncle is mentally handicapped and gets a bit out of control at times. He has threatened to hurt the family, kill them, etc. He used to be in a group home but was kicked out for bad behavior. The Uncle had kicked a hole in the wall and was throwing things. The losers guild-mate said most of the time all they have to do now is show the Uncle the taser and he calms down.


If I wasn’t so tired I’d spend the rest of the day looking for other taser stories.

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  1. poor family! is there not a med that will work instead of taser? maybe they are natural, herbalists or something.