Monday, October 26

Cady's pretend birthday

We celebrated round 1 of Cadence's birthday over the weekend. Since Cady knows her birthday is Tuesday, she called the weekend her pretend birthday. I didn't get my camera out, but my MIL was kind enough to send me these.

Paige had her last football game. Only she and Hailey showed up - the rest of the girls are under the weather. Paige and Hales were pretty distracted so coach Rachel and I tried to help them have a little fun.

On the ride home, Paige was terrorizing Lizzie. Looks like she's making her wave. Then we had a tea party. I was forced into a dress and a hat. Lucky for me I have a sense of humor sometimes. I wanted. to. die.
Cadence embraced her role in the tea party and was quite content.
Then we had a birthday rice krispie and serenaded her.

1 comment:

  1. it looks like bacon on top of the rice krispie treat!

    love love love the tea party texture! i was just talking textures on the last comment i left!

    you are such a cute cheerleader! (actually, you are a cute anything) but to see you all cheered out, it just goes to show what we do for our kids.