Saturday, October 31

Fall Fun

I wanted to try to get some four-year shots of Cadence to send out, but she was still so tired from last night.

She woke up from her nap cranky, but I tried to get a few shots anyway.

She was trying so hard to force a smile, but she was on the verge of tears.
She finally let me know that she'd had enough
In a last-ditch effort to try to cheer her up, JP grabbed the camera and tried to make a game out of it.It cheered her up, but wouldn't get her back on the seamless so I could get more shots.He resorted to candy. I pulled her hair back so she wouldn't get anything in it ;)When that didn't work, we put her in some dress-up clothes and told her it was time to hand out candy. J got her on the grey seamless, but she was in sugar overload and he didn't get any good shots. I had abandoned them and headed upstairs to pout edit the shots I had taken of Paige earlier when Cady was asleep.
JP took these.
Someday I will teach him about composition.
This is pretty typical of the girls' relationship.

Back to my shots.

Paige couldn't get enough of the camera.
She wanted some fall pictured taken too.

I have no idea who this child is, or where she came from, but she was directing the whole shoot. I perched myself in front of her, and she did all the work.
I went a little overboard on her eyes.
Then she changed into her princess outfit to hand out candy, but not before posing for a few thousand more shots.

We switched to thunder grey. I haven't used this one yet.