Saturday, October 17

Pumpkin Farm

J and I took the girls to the pumpkin farm this morning. We didn't stay long, but the girls did get to pick out a pumpkin and pet a few animals.

This little guy is a good example of why I don't like goats. His eyes say "I'm going to bite your fingers off."
Paige liked this guy.
I can never get both of them to look at me in the same shot.


  1. a camel? that's exotic! wow! that goat DID have crazy eyes. but when i think of goats at petting zoos and at pumpkin patches i think of 'kids' who have cute, large baby eyes. but yeah, they get considerably ugly when they grow up!

  2. Wicked eyes on that goat. Good pictures...your daughters are too cute. Love the long blond hair.