Tuesday, October 6

PW rocks (and so does Rebecca)

Last night I spent an hour of my life on a conference call that wiped away every ounce of confidence I had left. That call was immediately followed by the worst headache I’ve had in a while ( since a few days ago anyway). Then came the nausea that accompanies said headaches.

Back to my point. I spent a ton of time straightening my hair this morning. The minute I walked outside it went from flat and glossy to crunchy and weird. Ugh, rain. Then traffic stopped for an accident.
So, bad night followed by the start of a bad day. THEN, I open my inbox and see this from Bex:

“re: PW rocks

Did you see her post titled "Ruffled"? More conviction that I want to be just like her! I LOVE the top she has in that post and her whole description of the outfit. egad. I am such a dork for being like a teeny bopper fan of a blogger. Then again, the youthful admiration is fun and refreshing. it takes a lot to impress us as adults!”

So I immediately hit PWs site and check out her ruffles. I love the Pioneer Woman. She can always make me smile.

I adore Rebecca for her inane ability to make me smile, regardless. She ditched me when I was newly pregnant with Cadence to move to San Antonio. Well worth the move for her, but we mid-westerners miss her. Even though she's thousands of miles away, she hasn't forgotten the little people. Thanks, R, for making my day.

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