Friday, October 2

School, Meds, and Movies

J’s had a rough week. He’s on call and had a few issues to take care of the past two nights. He’s riding on minimal sleep and he’s cranky as I’ve ever seen him J Maybe I’ll make dinner tonight.

Tuesday night’s negotiation ended at an impasse. Both my counterpart and I neglected to think about adding value. But hey, we tried. Next week’s negotiation will be graded so I’d better be more prepared. Wednesday was another Econ exam – this one seemed better than the last. After the exam we worked on our cotton elasticities and called it a night by 8:00 – I was home by 8:30! The girls were already in bed.

I switched meds and I think the new pills are slowly killing me. Shawna said the new dosage should get rid of my headaches. It hasn’t (yet) and it’s introduced a slew of all new side effects.
You may have noticed that I’ve been toying around with my header. I’m still not happy with it. I have a flash header on my test blog but it’s not quite what I expected so I may ditch the approach altogether.

On a lighter note, the girls got the new Barbie Movie and haven’t stopped talking about it. They laughed more than I’ve ever heard them laugh at a movie. I wonder if maybe Jason slipped something in their drink.


  1. Like the new blog header and have been thinking to re-vamp mine, just can't find the time.
    I love the app at the bottom of your site. Took me awhile to figure it out and once I did I had to show Baron. It was a fo-sure hit. He kept saying "fishy, fishy". Cute.

  2. i love the new header.

    i take loestrin fe - its pricey but a really good pill (for me) (because we are all different).