Thursday, October 22

so I'm cheap...big deal.

The best thing about Wednesdays is that I get to stop by my Mom’s house for a nice home cooked dinner before class (it’s that or fast food, and my hips can’t take much more fast food). Yep, I’m thirty years old and she still loves me enough to cook for me. Monica was there (insert eye roll). I love my sister – she one of my best friends and I don’t know what I would do without her. But she was being mean (playfully, of course).

I mentioned that I’d be on vacation Friday and Monday. It was said that J and I never go anywhere when we’re on vacation. I’m not fond of vacations, and don’t understand why people would pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for something that doesn’t last that long, and rarely results in anything tangible. I’d rather stay home, relax, and spend the money on something like a TV or a new lens. I mentioned that I prefer a staycation. Monica said Staycations are for poor people. I had to remind her that I was poor. I think she loses site of that. I’d offer up that I’m pretty sure there are super wealthy people that tend to stay at home too. It’s exhausting going on vacation. That earned Monica dirty look #1

There was a Pampered Chef catalog on the kitchen table and I wanted to buy a few things. I bought a ton of stuff last year, so there’s not a whole lot in there JP would agree to let me buy. Believe me, if I had my way I’d buy it all. Anyway, I was behaving like the three items I decided to buy were breaking me and I’d spent entirely too much money. I think my total was close to $15. Yes, I was overreacting. Again, seemingly playfully, Monica called me cheap. This earned her dirty look #2. Monica, if you’re reading this, stop provoking my dirty looks, they cause wrinkles. And stop calling me cheap, we already have established that I’m extra frugal.


  1. I was teasing you. As you are well aware, I could not buy even the small things from Pampered Chef and can't even afford a staycation because I would use more electricity in the house being home!

  2. Too funny. I totally agree with the Staycations. Before we had Baron, Rob and I took many trips but now, the thought of spending all the money to just lay around and sleep (which is what we would do because you really can't with kids) would be such a waste. Plus, we always think of all these things we can get done around the house that we never have time to.
    Staycations are the thing these days and I don't think you're being cheap at all. Plus, it always seems like you need a vacation from the vacation.

    Enjoy your Staycation!!

  3. Jason told your dad he would like to vacation on a beach, and just relax. I guess he'll be going with us next year, and you'll be staying home. lol. By the way, Monica didn't order any Pampered Chef. She's extra extra frugal. I just ordered one thing - probably could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else. Oh well.