Thursday, October 8


Paige’s cheer practice got cancelled tonight so I’ll get some time to make up for the neglect that my DVR is feeling lately. If I’m lucky, I’ll also get to watch Monsters vs Aliens with Cadence tonight. I asked her to watch it with me Friday but then realized I’d be at the Pea meet-up(weather permitting). Then there’s the matter of her stomach bug. She woke up sick at 2 this morning, and was sick (what seemed like) every few minutes until I left for work. I had no idea some much could come out of something so small. J stayed home with her today. So far no signs of dehydration, but she’s not been able to keep much down. Her cough’s going away, and she doesn’t have a fever, so I’m not worried about H1N1 (yet). Keep your fingers crossed for her – she hasn’t been this sick in a while.

Her teacher had a birthday yesterday (she’s 29 – again). Cady knows that her birthday is right after Ms Anji’s, and that it's just a matter to time before she hits the big 04.

Paige has a new boy friend – Evan. I thought he was only interested in her for her DSi, but JP said they were reaching across each other coloring on each other’s papers. J says that makes him her boyfriend. She’s mortified.

Jason’s forgone some of his WoW time in exchange for playing Farmville. It’s both interesting and annoying that he’s so competitive with such a basic game. I compete with my sister, but that’s normal. He’s taken it very seriously so far and points out every new milestone he meets, and every person he surpasses in points. I can't think of a sensitive way of telling him I don't care.

AND, the best news. After this term I'll only have one more night class. The last two I can take on the weekend, and I'll finish a month earlier. I'm definitely at the point where I'm not sure how much more I can take. The days get so long and it's hard for me to stay engaged after 8:00. SO, yeah for weekend classes! (I'll likely be eating those words once the weekend classes start).

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  1. and how long will you tell paige that boyfriends and girlfriends color on each other's pages? if i were you, it would go on through high school.