Monday, November 23

'bout time

It’s two weeks into the new semester and I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about the new class; which coincidentally (or not) goes hand-in-hand with my new job. I’ve had Dr. M before, as an undergrad for ABAP programming. I had forgotten how funny she is. I think maybe she’s on drugs. She definitely makes the hours go by quickly, and the material seem less drab. Not that going through the PMBOK (again) chapter by chapter is drab. Not. At. All. But, as an elective, it works, and the refresher will help with the new job. Plus it will help me with the PMP exam should I elect to get certifies once I get enough PM hours under my belt. For those keeping score, it’s 2614.25 under my belt just 1885.75 hours to go.

Cadence was improving in speech, but lapsed last week so they went back to the “F” sound. Once reminded, she pronounces it fine – she just forgets. Last session, Mrs. K told Jason that Cady was a piece of work. We never quite know how to take it when people say that. We hear it a lot – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. This time it was cute. After her session, Cadence and Mrs K. were walking down the hall.

Mrs. K: “What do you think about today?”
Cadence: “I’m very disappointed.”
Mrs. K: (grins) “What did you just say?”
Cadence: “I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get to play with the doll house this time.”
Mrs. K: smiles, turns around and walks Cady back to the classroom to play with the doll house for a few minutes.

She told J that any child Cady’s age that speaks like that can have whatever she wants. So, we continue to be perplexed at her vocabulary, coupled with her lack of pronunciation.

I love the new job. Love it. There’s been an overwhelming amount of training, but it’s better than being thrown to the sharks. I just finished the basics today – so I’ll get to start working on release projects soon. I’m surrounded by people who make me smile, and so far no one has complained about how hopeless I am. Of course I’ve bribed them with candy, so that helps. I work in the same building, on the same floor, as Jason. I can’t find his office. I always turn the wrong way. I went the wrong way out of the parking garage – then forgot to take the first turn after leaving the garage and ended up in the ghetto. That first day going through the routine alone was a train wreck, but I laughed about it, let Jason laugh about it, and moved on. I’ve got it down now so stop the snickering and eye-rolling.

My sister’s deadbeat ex is causing more problems for her, and it’s getting to the point where you just want to shake some sense into him. He doesn’t get it, and she doesn’t tolerate stupidity well. To take my mind off how I wish he’d bite the big one, Monica went with me to see New Moon over the weekend. She was humoring me. Twilight isn’t her cup of tea at all, but since Jason had to work, and we already had the tickets, she was my date. It was good – go see it, then go read the books if you haven’t.

The neighbors put up their Christmas decor Saturday – and being as impatient as he is, J followed suit. It was a smart choice, the weather might not be as nice as it was. Anyway, I now see the value in hiring a professional to put your lights up. I looked out the (second story) window and saw J put a latter up on the roof/ledge so he could put more lights up higher. I mean, I KNEW we’ve had lights up there before, it just never occurred to me HOW he got them up there. I nearly had a heart attack. Monica suggested hiring someone going forward. I reminded her that my friends and I used to make fun of the people who hired other people to put their lights up for them. But it makes sense now. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. Jason also did something crafty with poinsettias and lights – I’ll get some shots of those too.

I’m awesome at loom knitting, but you already know that ;)
I’m really terrible with knitting needles though. Really. Really terrible. My stitches are messy, cooked, and not pretty. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

A final note:
Monica will be making a list of things she wants to do at age 32. I think she’ll post it on her birthday and go from there. I might do the same thing (for 31).

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  1. being 32 years old already - i wish i had made one of those ... but that's what new years resolutions are for, right?

    cady is a genius.

    i LOVE your new header!!!!!!!! i am totally going to copy your concept.