Wednesday, November 11

Happy Veterans Day!

J and I are both off work today celebrating Veterans Day, and we decided to keep the girls home too. They're close to OD-ing on sugar (left over from Halloween) and I suspect they'll crash soon.
My last day at my old job was yesterday. I thought I'd feel something - happiness, sadness, excitement...anything. But I didn't. Is there something wrong with me?I start my new job on Monday - so for now I'm laying low and slacking as much as I can.

I start another class tonight after a week off. 20 more sessions and I'm done. Three courses, twenty sessions.

Besides knitting and editing shots from my nephew's operetta, I haven't been up to much. I'm only half way through the shots from the operetta, but they're pretty much the same - bad angle, bad lighting, cute kids...

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