Wednesday, December 9

Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

On the way to work earlier this week, they were talking about the top ten most dangerous toys of all time.

#1 on the list...Jarts- Those giant lawn darts.

#2 the New Easy-Bake Oven- evidently people lose fingers using this thing, not to mention third degree burns.

#3 Power-Wheels Motorcycle- Yep - give a kid a motorcycle. It was pulled off the market in August 2000. The throttle would get stuck and fail to stop.

#4 Cinderella Battery-Powered Toy Car- The battery compartment UNDER THE SEAT could short circuit posing a fire and burn hazard for the little tush placed upon it.

#5 Trek Girl’s Bike- The bike frame “may break causing the rider to lose control and suffer injuries.”

#6 Aqua Dots- Seems harmless, in theory. The problem, if ingested the chemicals on the beads turn into GHB the “date rape” drug.

#7 Sky Dancers- This may cause a concussion from the unpredictable flying pattern.

#8 Mini-hammocks- Recalled in August 1996 after 12 children had fallen prey to the “hanging” power of this hammock it was taken off the market. The mini-hammock, meant for children, was missing spreader bars that would keep it open.

#9 Professor Wacko’s Exothermic Exuberance- After 2 houses were burned down and countless other mini-fires were ignited, the CPSC recalled this science kit meant to teach children how heat and fire are generated through chemical reaction. Hmm.

#10 Magnetix Magnet Building Sets- This building set was pulled from the market after a little boy died after ingesting a small piece detached from the set. The magnets are attracted to one another in the body and tear through the intestinal walls.

People called in with all types of other examples. It was mind boggling.

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  1. i was surprised to see magnets made the list!