Friday, January 15


When I was getting Cady's coat on at daycare today, a little boy came over to talk to me.
Boy: "Her hit me."
Me: "She hit you?"
Boy "Right here on the arm."
Me: "Hmm"
Boy: "Then she hit my TURTLE" (stuffed animal)

I called Cadence over and we talked about it. She denied it, and he called her a liar. I talked to her a bit more, but she seemed relatively unremorseful.

I told Jason about it after dinner.
Jason: "Cady, did you hit a little boy today?"
Cadence: "Yeah." (sounded a bit disappointed)
Jason: "Why did you do that?"
Cadence proudly stated: "I don' have any more boyfriends," in a mission accomplished sort of way.

We had to laugh

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