Sunday, January 24


A little something pink, I whipped up out of boredom. Whoever has the next girl can have it, although the hat's teeny - I might give it to the girls for their dolls.

The hat still needs a bow

Preeeeety stitches :)
I'm a dork, I know - enjoy the pictures.


  1. I love this. Do you have a pattern, or did you make it up? xoxox

  2. I cheated on this set - used a loom. I think I'd call it a double knit (because I don't know if it's a real stitch) on the loom.

    The blanket's the same stitch (in white) but it looks dofferent because I did it back and forth across the loom instead of circularly like I did with the hat. The pink is gater stitch (I think?).