Wednesday, January 13


Happy 32nd birthday to Jason! His gift was a night alone with the girls. Regrettably, I had class.

It’s week six, and the first half of class was the Midterm exam. It sucked. It really sucked. I’m fairly confident that I’ won’t be passing the class with a sufficient grade, and won’t be able to graduate until the Summer term. Sucks. Badly. I’m very discouraged. Typically, we’re graded based on how well we perform compared to our peers. I’ve fared well in the past. This time we’re graded on our raw scored, and on an 8 point scale instead of the standard ten. I do have the option of adding one more class in Spring II and can still finish in May. Tough choice.

Love the new job, but the hours can be long. As long as I can log some of them from home I’m happy to oblige :)

And, we get rewarded with a long weekend! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In unrelated news, Jason built a new day bed for Cadence. It hasn’t been painted yet, but it’s assembled and she loves it. He spoils them. :)

Finally, a little shout-out to Missy and Monica for listening to me whine about school. It is much appreciated.

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