Tuesday, January 5

"That Girl"

A few months ago Cadence was napping.

While she was napping, Awesome Aunt Monica came over to our house for a quick visit.

Monica was in Paige's room looking at something when Cady woke up. Cadence walked by Paige's room and stopped just outside the door past Paige's room.

I walked upstairs and noticed the look of confusion on her face.

I asked what was wrong.

She said "That girl is in Paige's room."

I asked "What girl?"

Cady grabbed my hand, said "Come here" and pulled me inside Paige's room.

I laughed and said "Oh, Aunt Monica's here."

Cady said "Yes."

Ever since then Cadence has had a hard time calling Monica by her name. She's always "That girl." She can say Monica, she KNOWs she's Monica, but she calls her That girl.

The other day, Monica, Cadence, and I were going to the craft store, and Cadence said something. I asked her to repeat what she said.
Her response: "I wasn't talking to you."
Me: "Oh. Who were you talking to?"
Cady:" Her"
Me: ""Who?"
Cady: "That girl on the right."
Monica was in the passenger seat.
We both laughed.

While it's disheartening that she won't call Awesome Aunt Monica, "Monica," I was please to hear that she knows her left from her right.


  1. gotta hand it to her, that girl knows how to be herself! she is so unique. i LOVE that about her. the way her mind works, all kids really, but we're talking about C right now, really amazing. what a strange phase for her to go through.

    there were several months where G called us by our first names. no amount of time outs would change his mind about it.

  2. I think I prefer "that girl" to "caca" which is what Paige called me for a long time.