Tuesday, February 23

The Girl

I've kicked it in high gear lately with work, school, the kids, and packing.

I've had a lot more reading and studying to do, and have been trying to get through a simulation for the capstone. Consequently, this means I've had to barricade myself into my room. The girls, one in particular, has found it increasingly hard to not want attention during my lock-in sessions.

That being said, I was walking down the hallway the other night. As I passed by, Cadence shut her bedroom door - giving me her "watch this" look. I stopped, perplexed. She opened the door again to see if I was still there. I was. She said "Ok now, I need some quiet time because I have a lot to do. Do NOT open this door. Go see Daddy if you need something." I smirked and walked away. How could I punish that, when those were the exact words she's been hearing from me for the past few weeks :(

I felt horrible, and am trying my best to use the time after they fall asleep to do homework.


  1. Barb got a big kick out of this and had me read it. Sounds like Cady.

  2. I might steal this for a devotional at a baby shower. I love this story. xo Barb