Saturday, February 13


My Project Management is class is over. I did survive - contrary to what I believed. Will I still graduation in May? That's still debatable. If Dr. M goes with her gut and changes her grading scale back to the norm (10 point scale vs 8 point scale) I'll graduate. To my knowledge, over half the class is in the same boat as I am, so the odds are in my favor.

While I'm certainly not getting an A in the class, I did manage to (barely) pass the 200 question/4 hour practice PMP exam - which means I may be (barely) prepared to shell out $500 and sit for the PMP exam once I have enough hours of experience (in August). Jinal (from work) said she'd sit for it with me (moral support) since she's been studying for it too.

So, fingers crossed for a better curve in the class so I can graduate, and for a high enough score on the PMP to pass and get reimbursed. :)

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