Monday, March 8

Getting There

We're settling-in to the new house and realizing how much stuff we still need to get rid of. Kevin stayed with us for a few days - he's a complete god-send. I've never seen such a hard worker - and not one complaint came out of his mouth. Even when the girls woke him up every morning at 6.

I was on vacation all week. It felt like a month. I was scared to head back to the office today. I was mentally exhausted from the first few days of the capstone class (Saturday and Sunday). Long days full of thinking. My weekends aren't designed for thinking :)

Tomorrow my Mom has surgery. She sounds nervous. She has no muscle tone left after the radiation, so it's unknown yet whether the surgery will be effective. Please keep her in your prayers. Recovery is typically 6 weeks, but she's pushing to get back to work after three weeks. I'll post an update when I hear more.

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