Tuesday, March 9

The Hernioplasty

So I'm not completely sure what the name of the surgery is, nor am I 100% sure what type of hernia it was, but my Mom got hers repaired today!

She hurts - a lot. Lots of pain, but lots of pain meds. Please keep her in your prayers.

Surgery went well. The hernia was the size of a coffee cup lid - smaller than originally thought. She doesn't have enough muscle mass to keep it in, so the (pardon my ignorance) "tucking it back in" fix wouldn't work. I think they used a mesh patch (think Gore-Tex, Teflon, Dacron, Marlex, or Prolene) to repair it. I'm picturing it as an internal piece of tape holding it back in.

She looked great earlier tonight despite the pain. She was in good spirits, and was being a real champ. So was my Dad. He was there most of the day, went home for a bit, and headed back up there tonight.

Mom's roommate seems like a nice lady. She had her knee replaced yesterday and seems to be doing freakishly well. My Mom knew a lot about her by the time I got there tonight - so she must be friendly.

The physical exhaustion has set in - my body has finally caught up to my brain...time for sleep.

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