Friday, March 12

Update on my Mom (and Paige)

A few of you are harassing me for not posting an update on my Mom lately.

I haven't been able to get in touch with her today (hopefully because she's been sleeping all day (?). She got to come home late Wednesday night. She had a pretty bad headache yesterday and was sick to her stomach. Possibly because of the pain meds, possibly because of the stomach bug going around. Her stomach still hurts, but not as bad as it had on Tuesday night. Although, I'm willing to bet that after a few times of (ahem) vomiting, she's hurting a bit more.

I'll post an update after I talk to her tomorrow.


Paige complained Thursday morning of a stomach ache. She didn't know why it hurt (nausea, vs hunger, vs gas). She asked for the heating pad - which made me think is was gas. We sent her to school. At 9:00, after numerous attempts to get ahold of me, Nurse Jae got ahold of J. They have our new address, but I had neglected to give them my new work number. Mrs. G had sent her to the office because she didn't feel good. After an hour it had progressed to full-on vomiting. She was violently ill the rest of the day/night.

She stayed home today and showed no signs of being sick. She's eating like there's no tomorrow and manipulated me into playing more board games than I'd ever wish on anyone. Fun times - but I'm glad she's feeling better.

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