Tuesday, April 20

Catching up more: Sunday

Sunday JP took the girls and I to see How to Train your Dragon (in 3D). It was my first encounter with 3D and it was awesome. I was prepared not to be impressed. I was wrong. Loved it. The girls really liked it too.

The worst part of living so far from civilization is that we have to drive at least 20-30 minutes to do just about anything. Normally I wouldn't complain, but after 15 minutes in the car, Cadence starts to get car sick. Sometimes we get lucky and by rolling the windows down we manage to divert any projectile vomiting. Sunday we weren't so lucky. Prior to leaving the house we decided it was't worth the effort of packing an extra outfit for the girls because we could just run to the store and pick up a change of clothes if anything happened. It was the first time in months - maybe even years - that I hadn't packed an extra outfit for each of the girls. They spill things, and get upset. I like to be prepared. The one time I decide it's probably not needed, it was needed.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Apparently, I have not learned my lesson - even today, we went to the park and E peed himself AS I WAS OFFERING FOR HIM TO PEE IN THE BUSHES (the advantage of having boys).

    I loved that movie! It is my favorite animated movie since Kung Fu Panda. Oh, and the kids really enjoyed it too ;-)