Monday, April 19

Catching up: Saturday

Saturday Missy invited us to help the girl scouts with the Silver Lake clean-up project. I wasn't thrilled about the idea of my kids picking up trash, but figured it would build character and reinforce how important it is to take care of the planet.

Also, I knew I owed it to JP to get the girls out of the house so he could get some sleep. He's been working nights at the IRS site. His manager agreed to 24/7 support during the busy post-tax processing season. Sooo, three hours after J got home, the girls & I headed out to the lake. The park was surprisingly clean, and we didn't have much to pick up. Missy and I dutifully pointed out a few pieces of paper here and there for the kids to pick up.

After the excursion at the lake, we headed out for lunch with the Helm kids. We ate inside the restaurant, which was a real treat for the girls. We tend to carry-out vs dining-in....a habit that's stuck since the girls were babies.

After lunch I took the girls to see Grandma & Grandpa A. Grandpa was out and about for most of the day, but we did get to see Grandma, Awesome Aunt Monica, and Austin.

Austin was showing-off how fast he is. He runs like Michael Johnson. Some day he might be an Olympian.

Paige was running too. She's fast, but tires quickly - a potential sign of the asthma I was sure she'd been able to avoid. Time will tell how that turns out, but for now she takes quick breaks and is raring to go again.

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