Thursday, April 22

New stuff

JP bought me two small Wescott lights for our anniversary. I planned on setting them up right away and testing them out. I knew they were coming - they were much anticipated! Until...

I made the mistake of opening present #2 first. It was a new PC. That kept me busy most of the evening. My laptop's aging and isn't quite performing the way I need it to. I was annoyed that he spent so much money, but it's a gift we both can share. His machine is currently upstairs in the office. It gets hot in there, so he's working on setting up an office in the basement. Either way, he'd have to go upstairs or downstairs to use his. For quick internet searches, it's ideal to have one (besides my laptop) on the main level. I'd like to give the laptop to the girls to replace their old Dell (it's older than they are). J says no.

A year ago I was working with a fellow student named Joe. He's one of the brains behind Monsanto's IS success. Brilliant guy. I was using his (Mac) laptop to update a document. All I could think about was how much I liked the keypad. From time to time I'd notice other students in other classes using Macs and suffered from terrible keyboard envy. I love the shape, size, and general feel of the keys. I'm smiling just thinking about these keys. Imagine my surprise when my new keyboard is eerily similar to that of the Mac laptops. I was giddy. Love it.

The router is upstairs, and we don't have a long enough cable to connect it to the internet yet. Until then, I will continue using my laptop for very important online tasks, such as my ongoing Scrabble match with Bex.

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  1. Wow! I got a shout out from the Woodland Grove! Sweeeeet! I must reveal to your lurkers that I am being schooled by KP in Scrabble strategy. Its not just about 6 letter words, people.

    What are the deets of your new computer? And more importantly, your keyboard. My keyboard is loud and PC sounding. Especially the space bar. Surely you can hear it right now - all the way from Texas.