Friday, April 23

What is Sarah Palin talking about?

I spent some time on Digg yesterday and came across this article.

She's talking about how poorly she thinks Obama handled the recent volcanic eruption. Her main concern is that if a volcano found itself into the hands of terrorist, there could be a serious national security issue.

I read this article three times in an attempt to understand her perspective. I finally gave up. I like Sarah Palin, I really do, but this article is right up there with her "I can keep an eye on Russia since I live close by, in Alaska."

My favorite quote from the article...
"Say he decided to use force on Eyjafjallajokull or decided really to come out and do whatever he could to support Air travel, which I would like him to do. He hasn't come right out and threatened violence on Eyjafjallajokull. Who calls a shot like that" Is she saying he should have attacked the volcano? How does one use force on a volcano?

In Palin's defense, someone at the American Enterprise institute says that several nations have been connected to sales of weapons grade magma. "It's a real threat. If they manage to get a volcano, and then a fitting wind towards the West, we might all end up stuck on beaches coming summer, unable to return from our vacation destinations." So not only would someone have to procure an active volcano, they would also have to control the wind in order to force us to take longer vacations.

I am curious about weapons grade magma. Does such a thing exist, and if so - how is it used?

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  1. Oh yes, I picked up some weapons grade magma on my last trip to Costco. Very reasonably priced. We use it in the garden.