Monday, May 31

The assault (#2)

Saturday there was another assault – this time, against Cadence.

Cadence attended her first ‘friend’ birthday party at Ty’s house. After introducing herself to Ty’s family (Grandparents, Aunts, uncles, etc) they played in his bounce house and watched Toy Story 2.
Nicki got out shaving cream, put t-shirts on the kids to cover up their party clothes, and let them play with the white mess on the table outside. After a while Nicki’s husband decided to show-off a bit and chase Nicki with the shaving cream. She was covered – a complete mess.

Ty took one look at them, then looked at Cady, who was innocently playing with the cream next to him. He covered her face and hair. She didn’t know how to respond. I was surprised. Had it been Paige who attacked her she would have come out swinging. She had no idea how to react. Words escaped her. She didn’t retaliate. To even the score a bit, Nicki’s husband smooshed shaving cream throughout Ty’s hair. Justice was served.

I took Cady inside and cleaned her up – then the fun resumed.

Sunday Monica & I went shopping (sans kids). My graduation money had been burning a hole in my pocked. I tried to resist buying clothes for the girls, but failed miserably. I’m sure M will agree that I showed incredible restraint in not buying more for them. I left with the first pair of (non-workout type shorts) I’d bought in years…and a handful of non-black shirts. One was black, but the colors in the others compensated nicely.

J and I continued the shopping mayhem today before we headed to a BBQ at my parents’ house. New swimsuits, sandals, and flip flops for the girls, shorts and a skirt for Paige, and my first pair of flip flops in years for me. J was walking obliviously through an aisle and noticed a t-shirt that read “The Goonies” and had the goonie flag emblem on the front. He couldn’t pass it up. I’ve rarely been more embarrassed.
We showed off our new digs at my parents’ house. My Dad’s sick as a dog but managed to grill for us anyway. Such a trooper.

It’s been a long weekend, but I’m not quite ready to head back to work yet.

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