Sunday, May 30

The assault

Something happened at work on Thursday. I don’t know exactly what happened, or how it happened.

Either the door or my iPod attacked me. All I remember is turning the knob…next thing I knew my hand ached and my iPod cord was tangled around the knob. It is about 20 steps to get from the door to my desk. By the time I made it to my desk, blood was dripping.

Seeing the blood I felt like I was going to pass out. I was so confused – no knowing exactly how it had happened. I grabbed a napkin and headed back to the ladies room to clean the wound. The security guard was leaving General Agency and asked if I was ok. I wasn’t – but didn’t want him to know. I was light-headed and had a blood soaked napkin around my hand... I stared blankly – not sure what to say. I continued to the sink and ran water over my hand. It was the worst pain I’d felt in a long time. It didn’t stop bleeding. I immediately wondered how long it had been since my last tetanus shot. Not too long, so I stopped worrying. I’ve never needed stitches, but after staring at my hand I wondered if I did then. I figured if it would stop bleeding I could probably make it through the work day and have someone look at it later that night.  Soon enough the bleeding stopped and embarrassment set in.

The hand ended up being fine. Hurts a little still, but I survived.

Friday I spent a long minute staring at the offending door – still unsure exactly how it happened.

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  1. I think when you went to open the door, you stepped into the twilight zone!